Alliance to Help Kickstart German Addressable: RTL’s Nölke

Advanced and addressable TV advertising capabilities give programmers and advertisers super-powers  – but, in some markets, local conditions mean the starting gun has barely been fired. Case in point – Germany, where many kinds of modern ad practice are curtailed by regulation in a country long sensitive to privacy concerns. That is something acknowledged by […]


UK Leads The World In Addressable TV: RTL’s Nöelke

LONDON — Recent estimates are that around 46% of US households can receive household-specific, individually-targeted TV ads, through so-called “addressable” TV advertising. But, whilst US penetration is high, it is not necessarily the country leading the tech charge, says one exec with a multi-country view of the opportunity. “We see, in the addressable TV world. very much […]


RTL’s Nölke’s Keeps Ad-Tech Simple After SpotX, Clypd Investments

LONDON — We are working in an age where technology seems to make everything possible – from uncovering the ad views that never happened, to producing the ultimate, all-encompassing metric for advertising experienced across screen types. But is the industry too busy debating the potential, complex future measurement systems to notice that they are already here? “I […]