FORT LAUDERDALE — The US pay-TV providers with which many ad tech vendors partner, have access to just two minutes per hour of ad time in local programming.

But the US TV system is an outlier in a global context. Smaller, more integrated national systems in other countries seem to make partnering for programmatic or addressable initiatives more straightforward. Could they also be more lucrative?

“Two minutes an hour is just a US phenomenon. The rest of the world, where I’m doing deals, it’s programmers, broadcasters and distributors coming together,” New Jersey-based addressable TV platform provider INVIDI‘s CEO Dave Downey told a Beet.TV panel.

“We’re most excited about other markets where this two minutes an hour doesn’t exist.”

Next year, INVIDI’s technology will underpin a launch by Liberty Global’s Belgian broadcaster Telenet and channel owner SBS Broadcasting. The integrated system means far more minutes per hour are available to addressability. And Downey says it’s the “same thing in China, same thing in South America”.

Outside of the US, we are also seeing operators like the UK’s Sky launch advanced TV targeting, benefitting from owning both the network, the channels and the media sales operation.

But Downey says US addressability is scaling up hard, with DISH, DirectTV and Verizon combined serving up nine billion monthly addressable impressions recently.

Steve Marshall, CEO, INVISION, a multi-platform advertising campaign management technology provider, also spoke on the panel.


This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology with Adobe, AT&T AdWorks and Nielsen.

The panel was moderated by Vertere Group CEO Tim Hanlon.

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