A world with so many new opportunities to plan, manage, target and execute ad campaigns is also one full of challenges for advertisers. What are those challenges? Brent Gaskamp, business development SVP for video ad tech platform Videology, takes a stab in this video interview with Beet.TV:

  1. “Workflow – how do I create a better experience between buyer and seller and the world that includes data?”
  2. “Data – different agencies and brands are going to need to use different data sets in order to buy and transact with that inventory source.”
  3. “Optimization – how do they take that data and apply it to their media, and understand how to plan and forecast in a world where you’re breaking media in to smaller parts?”

Gaskamp says the upcoming US TV upfronts season, in which publishers use content plans tempt ad buyers to put forward ad money in advance, will be a test for how far along programmatic video at sales have come.

Programming Note:  Gaskamp will be speaker at next week’s Beet.TV executive retreat in Florida.