It’s now a digital advertising world – but that is far from meaning good ‘ol TV is on the shelf, overtaken, when it comes to measuring the relative performance of media spend, says an ad tech exec.

“With the whole mantra that ‘television is dead’, actually, what we’re seeing is that it’s very alive and well alive when it comes to getting your money back in your marketing efforts,” Simulmedia chief strategy officer John Piccone tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“We can match … people who have seem … or didn’t see an ad on television and what action did they take in a window of time that the advertiser sets. With an exposed conversion rate and an exposed conversion rate, you can see the lift that television advertising has.

“Television drives so much other activity in a digital environment. A blank search field is not how you build awareness.”

Simulmedia’s technologies aim to bring internet-like ad targeting to linear TV, and have access to 80% of linear TV ad inventory.