The talk in ad land is all about when advertisers will get to deliver super-targed, hyper-optimized TV ads with digital precision. But don’t wait for that day – it’s already arrived, says a top agency boss.

“We do dynamic creative optimization on the fly based on each individual’s specific history,” says GroupM global chairman Irwin Gotlieb. “In the television world, we haven’t quite gotten to that, but a company called Visible World, in which WPP invested I would guess 15 years ago, gives you something called creative versioning.

“The creative is developed in little segments. Segments are assembled on the fly based on data points. You have a large retail department store… you have a generic opening (to the ad)… if it’s cold climate, you do a snow blower (ad); if it’s a warm climate, you do a lawnmower (ad) … then you do a generic close. That’s creative versioning. It exists.”

Comcast acquired Visible World from investors including WPP Group, Viacom and Time Warner Investments earlier this year.

At last week’s Beet.TV executive retreat, customized delivery of video advertising was a major topic of conversation on the lips of several ad agency executives and vendors including, Eyeview which also delivers customized video ads on digital and via linear TV.

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology with Adobe, AT&T AdWorks and Nielsen.  You can find more videos from the Beet Retreat on this page.