FORT LAUDERDALE — Audience measurement outfit Nielsen is gearing up to measure linear and digital audiences in a new way, that recognizes a distinction between viewers of content and viewers of ads.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nielsen planning and precision SVP Eric Solomon says the company’s Total Audience suite – which already includes the cross-platform ad measurement product Total Ad Ratings, previously known as XCR – will be joined by another, called Total Content Ratings, early in 2016.

“Who watched what on television?, plus who also watched that on digital mediums?,” he says. “That is something our content owner clients have been clamouring for ever since we launched the original digital ad ratings product called OCR.

“What is my total audience across all these mediums? It’s a good starting point for media owners and media planners.”

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology with Adobe, AT&T AdWorks and Nielsen.  You can find more videos from the Beet Retreat on this page.