Don’t Vacate The Top Of The Funnel, Nielsen’s Solomon Tells Marketers

Pretty much the whole of the advertising technology world these days seems to focus around targeting. The better the targeting, the better the results, many people believe. So when the world’s largest advertising spender pulls back from targeted ads on one of the world’s largest ad platforms, people take notice. That’s what Procter & Gamble did this summer, […]


Popular TV Can Fend Off On-Demand Challenge Cable Execs Say

FORT LAUDERDALE — These days, it has become commonplace for broadcasters and advertisers to be fearful of the consumer shift from linear, live viewing to watching more time-shifted programming. Indeed, data from many countries shows on-demand viewing booming whilst old-style consumption wanes. But that’s not the full story. Broadcasters are finding some success in reeling out […]


Dynamic Ad Creativity Is Science-Fiction: Nielsen’s Solomon

The prospect that, in a connected era, TV ads could be assembled from multiple component parts to make up a 30-second spot that is custom-built for a particular individual viewer is getting some marketers is excited. But how viable is this idea, really? Nielsen’s precision and planning SVP Eric Solomon reckons: “Dynamic creative, at an individual […]


Nielsen To Reboot Content Ratings Next Year

FORT LAUDERDALE — Audience measurement outfit Nielsen is gearing up to measure linear and digital audiences in a new way, that recognizes a distinction between viewers of content and viewers of ads. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nielsen planning and precision SVP Eric Solomon says the company’s Total Audience suite – which already includes the cross-platform […]