Seven months after Nielsen acquired the audience data profiling vendor, eXelate is expanding its offering from desktop digital metrics.

Today, the outfit announced it is expanding its auspice further in to mobile audience data through a partnership with PushSpring, something that will help its customers see consumer app installs and shoppers interested in buying new cars and travel service.

Next, the company wants to turn its attention from the small to the big screen.

“It’s being adopted in mobile – the next challenge is rolling it out across TV and other traditional channels. that’s what we’re doing now,” according to eXelate business development SVP Eugene Becker, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

But Becker sees a hump in the road before programmatic TV ad buying can be fully adopted.

“The sell side is where the issue is,” he says. “Fundamentally, there’s not the infrastructure to make most linear TV addressable … you don’t have the right set-top boxes (in place). That’s where the gap is.”