eXelate Builds Nielsen In To ‘Enterprise Marketing Platform’: Garbaccio

Nielsen looks set to take on Adobe for data-driven marketing suite services, after integrating its earlier eXelate acquisition. eXelate is a data management platform (DMP), a software tool brands can use to slice and dice their customer data, and was acquired by Nielsen a year ago in a move which pooled the data sets eXelate had […]


Nielsen’s eXelate Pushes Further In To Mobile, TV Targeting

Seven months after Nielsen acquired the audience data profiling vendor, eXelate is expanding its offering from desktop digital metrics. Today, the outfit announced it is expanding its auspice further in to mobile audience data through a partnership with PushSpring, something that will help its customers see consumer app installs and shoppers interested in buying new cars and […]


eXelate Will Extend Nielsen Across Europe: MD Bennathan

COLOGNE — Programmatic ad tech data software provider eXelate says it is ready to amplify Nielsen across Europe, after its acquisition by the audience company earlier this year. “The first thing on the list is to extend the number of Nielsen-branded audiences – demographic, FMCG, retailer – across Europe (from the UK),” eXelate Europe MD Matt Bennathan tells […]


Tracking From Exposure To Closure Is A Reality: eXelate’s Zagorski

If a tree falls in a forest and no-one was around to hear it, did it really make a sound? Many advertisers have asked themselves that question in years gone by, unable to know whether their analog media spend really made a difference. But digital ads that lead to digital actions mean attribution can delight marketers, says eXelate CEO […]


Nielsen, eXelate Will ‘Co-Build Products From Day One’: Zagorski

Media measurement firm Nielsen and programmatic ad tech outfit eXelate had already worked together for five years before the former’s acquisition of the latter this March. Now they are working on the same journey. “We act as their data management backbone, taking a lot of their offline data and activating it in the programmatic world,” eXelate […]


Nielsen Relies on eXelate for Programmatic Data

AUSTIN – As part of its deeper push into programmatic buying, Nielsen is increasingly relying on data from eXelate across a variety of video offerings, says David Hohman, EVP and Managing Director of Agency Solutions at Nielsen, in an interview with Beet.TV. Nielsen pairs its real-time audience insights with eXelate’s consumer segment data to create detailed […]


eXelate Launching TV-Mobile Ad Solution: CEO Zagorski

It’s been going for seven years with its customer data services. Now eXelate is also one of the companies helping advertisers knit together messaging in the multi-screen era, with some pretty cool-sounding technology. “We’ve partnered with Innovid and connected mobile app data with smart TV boxes to be able to dynamically change advertising based on […]


Rumors Of Cookies Death Are ‘Greatly Exaggerated’

CHICAGO — New European laws, consumer revolts and unsupportive devices… these are testing times for cookies, the client-side files that transport user data to advertising networks. But 2013 may not mean the end of the cookie is nigh. “The rate of which cookies are going away is greatly exaggerated,” advertising data group eXelate‘s chief marketer Khurrum […]


Video’s Chicken-And-Egg Problem: ‘Not Enough Programmatic Inventory’

CHICAGO – Online video is booming – but not enough to make for a big programmatic advertising business yet, one video ad exec tells Beet.TV. “Video is beautiful because it tell a story (for advertisers),” data company eXelate‘s marketing chief Khurrum Malik says in this taped panel interview at Beet.TV’s Chicago programmatic video ad summit. […]


eXelate’s Malik: Life is Better at Top of Video Ad Funnel

CHICAGO — Advertisers are finding it easier to use online video like conventional static display ads – because specific targeting through video remains challenging, according to one ad data exec. “People think about display as ‘top of funnel’ and ‘bottom of funnel’ – branding and direct response,” eXelate marketing chief Khurrum Malik tells Beet.TV in […]