The emerging prospect of targeting individual TV viewers with ads, no matter what show or channel they’re watching, may be real – but that doesn’t mean the industry should throw out the old practice of buying ads in shows considered to have demographic matches.

That’s according to AT&T AdWorks ad sales VP Jason Brown, who tells Beet.TV, in this video interview, the choice is not “either-or”.

“It’s both,” he says. “Brands still love to rub up against high-marquee live sports. There’s a ton of value to building awareness in association with quality content.

“On the flipside, there’s a ton of value in audience-based buying. Cord cutting has made everybody in the ecosystem a lot smart – everyone is optimising, whether it’s set-top box data, or you’re doing addressable advertising at the household level.”


The video is part of preview series leading up to the Future of  TV Advertising Forum in London  You can find videos from the series here. The series is sponsored by Xaxis.