Addressable TV Gets Light Viewers On The Rebound: DIRECTV Advertising’s Jason Brown

SANTA MONICA — The new capabilities of “addressable” TV allow more granular targeting than mere demographic or show-adjacent placements of traditional linear ever afforded. But what exactly are the big recent developments? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jason Brown, SVP, Head of Advertising Sales, DIRECTV Advertising, spotlights two key recent trends. 1. The new […]


Addressable TV Delivers Results for Linear and CTV Advertisers: WarnerMedia’s Jason Brown

Television advertising is on the cusp of becoming more targeted on national cable and broadcast networks, giving marketers more control over the reach and frequency of their biggest campaigns. This addressability will support linear TV advertisers that want to engage focused audience groups and connected TV (CTV) advertisers that are looking for greater scale across […]


Personalization is Paramount During Pandemic: Xandr’s Jason Brown

The coronavirus pandemic crisis will accelerate the trend in which brands want to speak directly to their customers. That is according to one ad executive who says companies need to be able to find their own audience amongst the newly-inflated base of stay-at-home media consumers. Get personal amid virus “The need for personalization on direct-to-consumer […]


Xandr Media’s Brown On Incremental Outcomes Boost Across TV Screens

AT&T’s Xandr Media unit is showing advertisers the incremental impact on business outcomes from the combination of both big- and small-screen television viewing, given the preferences of younger viewers. “From a TV perspective, younger audiences have left. The deeper ratings decline is within kind of the younger set and they’re just watching digital video, they’re […]


Xandr Media Finds More Buyers Leveraging Addressable TV for Reach and Frequency

During next month’s TV Upfront, AT&T’s Xandr Media will unveil “a big upgrade” for television advertising, a main thrust of which will be the use of ads addressable to devices households to frequency cap and manufacture reach. The company will present at it’s first “Xandr Front” event on May 14. “There is a need to […]


AT&T Unveils Programmatic Marketplace for Linear TV Powered by Videology

Advertisers will soon be able to buy linear TV advertising programmatically from AT&T in its 26 million homes, using data targeting that has been widely used for Web video. Advertisers will be able to bring their own data to a self-service, “private marketplace.”  They will be able to see results in a fully transparent manner, explains Jason […]


Personalized TV Ads ‘The New Holy Grail’, Panel Discusses

FORT LAUDERDALE — Super-targeted processes were already revolutionizing online video advertising. Now, the marriage of online with TV is bringing the same opportunity to the big screen in the living room, in the form of “addressable TV”. Once advertisers know enough about viewers to precisely target ads, will they also deconstruct their 30-second spots in to a […]


Cord-Cutting Is Forcing Smarter TV Ad Offerings: AT&T’s Brown

The emerging prospect of targeting individual TV viewers with ads, no matter what show or channel they’re watching, may be real – but that doesn’t mean the industry should throw out the old practice of buying ads in shows considered to have demographic matches. That’s according to AT&T AdWorks ad sales VP Jason Brown, who tells […]