The UK’s satellite TV and broadband provider Sky has already taken a world-leading deployment in addressable TV advertising under its AdSmart technology. Now it’s looking to combine its multi-platform offerings in to a single ad proposition.

AdVance is the name given to a new suite from the company’s Sky Media ad sales division, threading together data from TV and internet to give advertisers new possibilities.

“We are trying to break down the barriers between TV and digital to enable linear TV viewing data to power digital ad serving,” Sky Media deputy MD Jamie West tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Sky’s in a position to do that because we have … a three-million-household, second-by-second viewing panel.

“When you overlay that with IP address, device ID or cookie ID, you have an opportunity to serve sequential stories across platforms.”

For Sky Media, which has long sold ads on the web as well as on TV, it is part of a multi-platform initiative.

“The next challenge for Sky is to think about how we can evolve in other media – not just thinking about addressable TV,” West says.

“Advertisers are asking us to work much more closely with them across all media, not just TV. A campaign is planned holistically across all media – but, when it comes to execution, that campaign is served in silos – TV is bought separately to press and radio.”


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