So-called “programmatic” tools and platforms have revolutionized how online display advertising is bought and sold, now it has making inroads to online video ads – next up, many hope it can do the same in plain ‘ol TV.

But that is easier said than done.

“One of the challenges in bringing about this programmatic ubiquity is the fact we are talking about two distinct business models here,” says SpotX programmatic TV VP Randy Cooke, whose company is one of many vendors addressing the problem.

“Television (broadcast model) monetizes at the point of content distribution; with unicast (digital IP streams), we’re monetising consumption where there is real-time audience discovery.”

To help out, SpotX recently began working with Clypd, a television ad targeting optimization platform vendor, to enable cross-screen ad buying.

“We’re building tools to allow the business models .. to co-exist in a singular ecosystem,” Cooke adds.


This video is part of the series Programmatic Video at a Turning Point, presented by SpotX. You can find additional videos from the series here.