COLOGNE — When it comes to technology adoption, conventional wisdom goes that the UK, France and Germany – in that order – tend to take on new practices ahead of the continent’s pack.

But that belief has been up-ended by an IHS research report which shows another country leads the way.

“The top market is the Netherlands,” says IHS’ advertising research senior director Daniel Knapp, whose firm has just conducted a study to quantify the European programmatic video advertising sector for platform vendor SpotX.

“It’s always been a testing ground for all things digital. It’s a very early-adopter market, very tech-savvy. The UK is the second-biggest market … Germany always has been the sleeping giant – we’re seeing first signs now of the potential for the programmatic behemoth to come to life.”

IHS’ study showed that, already, 34% of video advertising is carried out using programmatic technology in the Netherlands, compared with 23% in the UK and 19% in France. Knapp adds:

  • “Until 2020, we see a compound annual growth rate of programmatic video revenue in Europe around 40%.”
  • “The market will be a €2 billion market by 2020.”
  • “The majority of all video revenue will be generated programmatically, 51%.”

Download the full report from SpotX here.


This video is part of the series Programmatic Video at a Turning Point, presented by SpotX. You can find additional videos from the series here.