COLOGNE — These days, a plethora of advertising technologies gives brands analytical insight in to a whole array of campaign data points.

As the tech burgeons, many advertisers, scratching their head at all the results, speculate about combining those data in to a single score.

But that would not be the right way to go about assessing ad effectiveness, says one ad tech exec.

“Common measurement is a smokescreen, assuming it’s one number – it’s just not the way it works,” FreeWheel co-CEO Jon Heller says in this video interview with Beet.TV. “You have too many different environments, technologies and companies involved – no one measurement will cover everything, all the time, forever.

“It’s a world of federated measurement. Some of it will be in measurement A, which will be a panel. Some of it will be in B, which could be proprietary data from the marketer. Some of it may be in measurement C or D, which has worked really well on game consoles or tablets or such.

“Getting use to that you federate it is what will move us forward. If you wait for the one number, too slow.”

This video is part of series of Beet videos produced at DMEXCO, presented by FreeWheel.   For more videos from the series, please visit this page.