COLOGNE — The sea of advertising technology platforms in which the industry is which the industry is currently swimming is threatening to overwhelm. Whilst each platform promises to make life better and easier, the reality may be the opposite.

“There is a proliferation of ad technology – it’s only made the business of video harder.,” according to Furious Corp CEO Ashley C. Swartz. “That pricing and packaging exercise, planning across all those platforms, is incredibly difficult.”

It’s not just that ad tech makes things more difficult, at the same time as it brings efficiencies – it can also be costlier, even.

“The cost of servicing a digital business is maybe a 5X to traditional media,” Swartz says. “Programmatic is 10X, because the talent is more expensive, it’s shorter supply. The more technology we keep layering on, the more stacks we keep adding, the lives of media companies … is only getting harder.”

Swartz Furious Corp is a software vendor that aims to be the “connective tissue” to a range of technologies, ensuring advertisers can buy ads across screens and platforms without resorting to using Excel. It is gearing up to announce its first customers including a US broadcaster and a Latin American firm.

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