COLOGNE — Time and time again, the advertising executives we speak to rate one TV platform above others for having brought the prospect for targeted linear TV advertising in to reality.

UK satellite TV platform Sky’s AdSmart technology leverages household data the provider already holds about subscribers, and uses its broadband lines to send customised ads to customers’ TV set-top boxes.

“We are further had in some aspects than other European countries,” according to Mediaocean client services Stuart Smith, whose company helps ad agencies combine data sets to target video ads.

“Sky are leading ahead. They’ve got the set-top boxes, they’ve got the data, they’re doing that right now. It’s brought new advertisers in to TV. There are advertisers in local arts of the UK who wouldn’t necessarily have advertised on television who can now target the remote part of Brighton that buys certain cars.”

Sky spent several years refining its targeting initiative in to AdSmart,  but rivals are playing catch-up.

“Other companies such as Virgin, I know they’re doing something but these things take time,” Smith adds. “And then you’ve got ITV, which is a massive part of UK television, where there is no set-top box data.”

here is a need for the UK TV industry to sell programmatically, Smith reckons: “Ninety-six percent of linear TV spots achieve a one or less rating. So there’s room for greater automation.”


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