CANNES — We have heard a lot this year about how SMG’s VivaKi has moved much of the functionality of its distinct Audience On Demand programmatic division out in to sibling agencies. That has been the internal reorganization story. But what do clients think?

“MediaVest has completely rethought staffing on our business. For the most part, it’s been very positive and our campaigns have benefitted from it,” according to Heineken USA senior media director Ron Amram.

Speaking alongside Amram on a Cannes Lions panel, MediaVest digital data and technology president Carrie Seifer said the idea was to free people to be more creative.

“If we use programmatic correctly, it should give creatives the data they need so they can go and be creative – look at the data, then create something great,” Seifer said

Digital people thrive when they’re allowed to master digital. It’s risky to decentralize digital sometimes. But we’ve found, by decentralising AOD, it became … AOD at the table way upstream, thinking about how programmatic could affect the strategy. All of a sudden, the RFP is informed with programmatic built at the centre.”

Update:  After Cannes, Heineken announced the selection of Publicis for the global creative.

This video is part of a series produced from the TubeMogul Cannes rooftop event.  Please find additional videos from the series here.