CANNES — Many brands are now beginning to take the opportunity to buy ads through programmatic platforms purely under their own steam, rather than enlisting ad-buying agencies. But what is the experience like?

Whilst such a feat is eminently possible, Michael Brunick, partner in programmatic ad advisory service Unbound, says: “Several brands we’ve been working with have been doing programmatic for a while, but they’ve no idea who they’ve been working with, no idea what segments they’ve been using, what the source of the data is, how it’s been working.

“The trading desks did themselves a disservice and ultimately to their clients by, many times, it’s reporting as a single line item on a report that a media planner will send over to a client once a week. That’s it. They don’t really give visibility in to what’s happening.”

That doesn’t mean brands can’t win from the mechanism, however. Brunick says: “Even if you want to build an in-house team eventually, you need to start off by taking more control over what you do now. … Take a more active role in the strategy development.”

Brunick is the former IPG programmatic head who left for Unbound a year ago.

This video is part of a series produced from the TubeMogul Cannes rooftop event.  Please find additional videos from the series here.