Brands Want More Info From Trading Desks: Unbound’s Brunick

CANNES — Many brands are now beginning to take the opportunity to buy ads through programmatic platforms purely under their own steam, rather than enlisting ad-buying agencies. But what is the experience like? Whilst such a feat is eminently possible, Michael Brunick, partner in programmatic ad advisory service Unbound, says: “Several brands we’ve been working with have been doing programmatic […]


‘Programmatic Is Not Just For Performance’: Magna Global’s Brunick

SAN FRANCISCO — Data-driven buying processes beget data-centric advertising. At least, that’s how the evolution of the collection of automated and algorithm-heavy trading techniques dubbed “programmatic” has played out so far. But are things changing? “We’ve put it in to a box of it only being performance-driven – that was a mistake,” says programmatic SVP […]


Magna Global Links Client Data Segments with AOL’s Platform, Brunick

Magna Global, which recently announced an alliance with the  AOL unit, will be integrating into, allowing the big media agency to buy media against their client data segments via the platform, explains Michael Brunick, SVP for Programmatic at Magna Global, a unit of Interpublic’s IPG Mediabrands, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke […]