CANNES — So-called “addressable TV”, in which TV sets can now speak back to broadcasters, are tantalizing with the promise of household-level ad targeting.

But addressable TV is not just about more refined TV targeting – the device in the living room is one platform that will feed in signals to an overall system which will produce unprecedented customer granularity – that’s multi-touch attribution, according to SMG precision video director Tracey Scheppach.

 “We can combine that with other digital signals … and connect them in a unique ID through companies like Liveramp,” she told a Cannes Lions panel recorded by Beet.TV. “Make those connections to say, ‘This is a handheld device that belongs to this home’. You’re able to say ‘What piece of the media pie drove the conversion?’ That is new.”

Scheppach credits location-based ad tech platforms like placeIQ with helping enabling the change, but says many others are also advancing the possibilities.

Michael Bologna, president of GroupM’s Modi Media division, which is working on addressable TV ads, said: “For the past 15 years, we’ve been putting ads on television, ads on the internet and, for two thirds of that, ads on mobile phones. We have very little of an idea what the unduplicated reach and frequency is between all those screens. To (show that), that’s a really really big deal and shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Also commenting is Mike Welch, president of AT&T AdWorks.  The session was moderated by Terence Kawaja, CEO of boutique investment bank LUMA Partners.

This session was part of a Cannes panel discussion on targeted TV advertising co-presented  Beet.TV and AT&T AdWorks. Please visit this page for more videos from the series.