It is not just brands that can use “programmatic” tools to buy ads on exchanges. Brands’ agencies, too, can use similar technology to buy advance ads on an order basis, says ad tech outfit Rubicon Project‘s SVP Jay Sears.

“We’re seeing automation go deeper and deeper in to the operating agency,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview.”

Case in point is Digitas. “We worked with them to activate their most important trading partnerships in the order automation space,” Sears says. “That’s big milestone for the business.”

According to Sears: “A number of years ago, automation was only considered after a plan was written, at the point you were in to the buying mechanics already. We’re pushing this earlier and earlier in to the process – the approach winds up being much more holistic.”

Sears also talks about how rival publishers in Europe are coming together cooperatively to leverage automated ad selling opportunities at the global level.