Digital-first content companies such as Netflix, Hulu and AOL are well-positioned for the transition to addressable buying in TV, says SMG programmatic SVP Mac Delaney in an interview with Beet.TV. The recent Digital Content New Fronts mark a transition point in the shift to programmatic buying in TV.

“We have jumped over a significant hill, and it is a time where you are seeing publishers legitimately producing quality content while weaving in addressable capabilities and making programmatic and audience-driven buying possible,” Delaney says.

The conversations that began at the upfronts will carry on to Cannes as companies like Netflix and Hulu become legitimate competitors to broadcast and cable. “They were borne from digital and future proofed in their foundation so they are building something that can be addressable.”

We interviewed Delaney as part of the series The Road to Cannes, our lead-up to the Cannes Lions Festival presented by Coull.  Please visit this page for additional segments.