LAS VEGAS — Take two bottles in to the shower? Today, two online video standards are in the frame for adoption – but, in time, one may be victorious.

The MPEG-DASH standard, which can use adaptive-bitrate streaming to scale quality regardless of connection speed over standard HTTP servers, is gaining supporters. But Apple’s HLS format remains influential, says digital video infrastructure security vendor Verimatrix‘s marketing SVP Steve Christian.

“It’s likely we’re going to be running implementations of HTTP Live Streaming in parallel with DASH for some while to come,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “That’s a consequence of different standards and proprietary implementations across the world of devices. That’s going to take a couple of years to sort out.

“In a couple of years time, the industry is likely to fully support the DASH standard … rather than deal with many, many code bases.” Here is how the two standards shape up against one another.

San Diego-based Verimatrix makes technology that supports content protection and “revenue security” for video owners, including watermarking so Christian likes what he sees in DASH – “the ability to reach many different kinds of devices and support multiple kinds of common encryption systems”.

We interviewed Griffioen at the NAB Show. Beet.TV’s coverage of the show was sponsored by Akamai.  Please find more coverage from Las Vegas here.