LAS VEGAS — The MPEG-DASH video standard is bringing higher-quality video and audio to digital media by using adaptive bitrate streaming. But the improvements will keep coming on top of that platform, says one of the leading digital audio outfits.

“It’s the right format for industry partners to come together to create a platform that’s scalable and flexible … but have some common denominators that allow equipment manufacturers, as well as CE vendors, to build products around a standard that can scale,” according to DTS digital content and media solutions business development SVP Geir Skaaden.

‘Last year was very big for DASH, with some of the biggest names in terms of streaming and internet media adopting DASH as their platform. We’ll see more exciting feature =s 4K video, higher resolutions, HDR, immersive audio are all components that will proliferate for streaming and digital delivery on the dash platform.”

Calabasas, California-based DTS Inc owns the DTS multi-channel audio technologies used in consumer and theater installations. In May, DTS announced its new DTS:X audio platform, enhancing audio for audio/video receivers, cinemas and headphones. The company’s annual net income nearly doubled in 2014.

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