As programmatic buying becomes more widespread, so do business opportunities for the tech platforms that support this buying style. Case in point — programmatic video platform Virool is aiming to expand deeper into big global brands this year as brands pursue more “advertainment” style videos, says Brian Danzis, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat.

Virool is a programmatic video distribution platform that counts more than 30,000 customers that have run more than 70,000 campaigns in the last two and a half years, he says. Virool licenses its technology to trading desks and agencies, and also works closely with them when needed on their video campaigns. “We have pre-roll inventory, social inventory, we reach blogging sites, social platforms,” he says, in explaining how marketers and media agencies use the service to distribute their video content widely

Danzis expects big growth this year in the advertainment category for video, given the boon in native advertising.

Danzis was interviewed by Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp.

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