In the emerging world of digital video advertising, many in the industry are getting excited by the possibility of programmatic-style real-time video ad buying, as well as by dynamically-inserted video ads.

But video ad tech platform Videology says most of the ads its clients buy in videos are bought more in advance like that, just like buyers buy TV ads.

Videology north American development SVP Brent Gaskamp tells Beet.TV in this video interview:

  • “70% of the deals managed in our platform are upfront.”
  • “About 20% are scatter.”
  • “And then then 10% are utilising real-time and other mechanisms to fill in the sand between the stones.”

Gaskamp says the majority are digital video ads greed during the TV industry’s regular upfront ad sales events: “Most of the market is playing in scatter and real-time.”

Gaskamp was interviewed at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat by Nielsen Digital MD Andrew Feigenson.

The Beet Retreat ’15 was sponsored by AOL and VideologyPlease find additional videos from the event here.