PHOENIX — Dailymotion, the big global video platform tried open programmatic exchanges to sell its video advertising – but soon constrained its dealings to a smaller pool of buyers.

“At the end, we could not manage it – we could not set the rules by ourselves,” according to chief revenue officer Damien Pigasse. “So we decided, a year and a half ago, to launch our own private marketplace. This way, we can handle everything… all in the same place. It is easier for us to manage.”

A private marketplace is a customized, invitation-only marketplace where premium publishers make their inventory and audiences available to a select group of buyers, as Rocket Fuel says.

The Supply-Side Platform (SSP) in Dailymotion’s DMX exchange is powered by LiveRail, the video ad tech company, now a unit of Facebook.

Pigasse says Dailymotion still sells ads both directly, in the traditional sales manner, as well as using its programmatic exchange: “There is a competition within Dailymotion between dirt and indirect sales. People who sell the best will have their campaign online.”

Beet.TV spoke with him last week at the IAB Leadership Meeting.

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