FORT LAUDERDALE — Over the last couple of years, the digital advertising industry has woken up to the problem of fake ad views, in which ads served by a publisher are not really seen by genuine consumers. If you thought “premium” publishers are off the hook, think again…

“When we look at the top top 100 publisher sites or video properties, ranked according to comScore, what we see is that 90% or so of them have, on average, low levels of non-human traffic,” says comScore Chairman Emeritus and co-founder Gian Fulgoni.

“But, when you start breaking those properties up in granular sense and look at different sections of the site, you see that half of them have non-human traffic levels that are medium to high. So the average can be misleading.”

comScore recently launched Industry Trust, a system that lets ad buyers specify the viewability criteria for ads they want to buy programmatically.

Fulgoni was interviewed at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat.

The Beet Retreat ’15 was sponsored by AOL and Videology. Please find additional videos from the event here.