LAS VEGAS — One of the biggest benefits of the second screen for a TV network lies in discoverability of new content, says Lisa Hsia, EVP Digital at Bravo and Oxygen Media, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES. “There is so much fragmentation in the industry all over. My goal is to make sure the content is discoverable wherever it is, and that we allow our fans to participate, and the second screen, especially the phone, is tailor-made for that,” she says.

That’s also where social networks are most beneficial, because they help networks find new viewers, and those viewers might watch TV on traditional TV sets, mobile phones, or via over-the-top services, or even through TV Everywhere, she says.

Mobile video is a particularly important area for Bravo because it is growing at triple digits, she says. Bravo is also keen on the potential of TV Everywhere for video consumption. Native advertising is the next medium to conquer. One of Hsia’s goals for 2015 is to push into native advertising and use social influencers to help make the audience bigger.

Hsia was interviewed for Beet.TV  at the Consumer Electronics Show. Beet.TV coverage of CES 2015 is sponsored by Adobe Primetime. Find all the coverage here.