FORT LAUDERDALE — Video ad tech vendor Teads is getting ad buyers buzzing with its new take on video ad formats – letting specialist text publishers insert auto-playing video ads between their paragraphs.

But how successful can this model be when readers can simply scroll past the video ads to silence and hide them?

“Our click-through rate (CTR) is 3% to 5% on average, because we’re giving users the choice – you can scroll past the unit, it stops playing,” Teads north America GM Jim Daily acknowledges. “Very basic performance metrics (like CTR), I don’t necessarily think tell the story.”

Daily reckons other marketing judgements are more appropriate: “What I really subscribe to is purchase intent, brand association, are you going to recommend this brand to a friend?’

“When we put Teads up against our competitive set or against industry benchmarks (on those)… every single time at this point, we’re outperforming all industry benchmarks.

Daily was interviewed  at Beet.TV executive retreat.

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