So-called “programmatic” methods of automating and controlling how advertising is bought are making waves in digital display ad circles. But do TV networks have any reason to change decades of ad-selling processes to make way?

“A lot of the inventory is remnant, otherwise goes unsold. It’s not the top top tier of national broadcasters,” Xaxis product development VP Christina Beaumier concedes. “It could be argued those won’t become programmatic, simply because of supply-and-demand economics.

“There are only a couple of national broadcasters, they have no problem selling out their inventory – what role is there for programmatic? Potentially… for automating that buying – but it’s hard to imagine how programmatic can really add value in that equation.”

Beaumier says, however, that programmatic technologies can certainly help ad buyers better inform decisions around which consumers they reach and how using TV.

She was interviewed by Beet.TV in Manhattan at TubeMogul’s event to launch its new programmatic TV advertising suite.