SAN FRANCISCO — CBS may just be beginning to unbundle its TV service but, in the UK, dominant pay TV service BSkyB has been offering over-the-top interview device viewing for some time to both its existing subscribers and a new wave of non-subscribers.

The company’s separate NowTV brand offers Sky movie, sport and entertainment subscription channels on a reduced monthly or even one-off weekend rate to those who are not Sky subscribers.

“If you don’t embrace change, you suffer,” says business development VP Hilary Perchard, who has overseen Sky’s investment in internet TV box Roku, which has helped Sky launch its own retail set-top box for NowTV.  He is based in San Francisco.

“We recognized we had some customers who loved everything you get in full-fat satellite TV … and other consumers who wanted something a little bit different. In the US, we’re starting to see that play out, as CBS and HBO start to offer services to enable consumers to pick and choose.

“It’s enabled us to reach a whole bunch of consumers that otherwise weren’t engaging in pay TV – not everybody wants the uber pack.””