Videology has established a strong profile for itself by helping TV ad buyers make intelligent decisions to buy online video ads. Now it wants to help them buy good old fashioned TV ads in the same way. The New York-based company is opening a dedicated TV practice.

As CEO Scott Ferber tells The Wall Street Journal, the idea isn’t to devalue the pool of premium TV advertising by opening a digital-style exchange. Rather, Videology will bring its targeting and planning suite to bear to help advertisers better identify audiences.

Back in May, Videology‘s head of global TV strategies, Rhys McLachlan, told Beet.TV: “Television broadcasters who, up until this point have been reluctant, … are beginning to appreciate the benefits. We’re on the cusp of being able to develop the market. We’re on the threshold of something very exciting.”  This  video was recorded at the London offices of Videology.