LONDON — In the increasingly confusing and jargon-filled world of advertising technology, data management platforms (DMPs), software suites which let advertisers bring together disparate customer data sources to better target individual groups within, stand above others.

Nicolas Bidon, UK MD of WPP programmatic division Xaxis, tells Beet.TV in this video interview: “The DMP is the brain that informs what you need to do to deliver the right audiences for the advertiser.” He lists three key functions of DMPs that advertisers are using:

  1. “Harvest or gather data.”
  2. “Do complex things with this data. The DMP is where you mix and match data types to create additional value.”
  3. “You want to action this data as quickly as possible and across s many channels as you want.”

“The DMP is the centrepiece of what you need to make a difference to your clients in a programmatic environment.”

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