COLOGNE — So far, “programmatic” mechanisms for using automation and data to buy better ads have proved useful in the online display segment. Next up, they are destined to change online video ads. But, in the future, Alex Merwin envisages programmatic underpinning entire cross-media ad intelligence.

“If all the budgets move in to a programmatic platform, imagine the insights that could be gleaned from an entire media plan being transacted through a DSP that surfaces insights about audiences that could be used to inform maybe even out-of-home, maybe even traditional TV investment, maybe even print,” video ad tech platform SpotXchange‘s programmatic and business analytics VP Merwin tells Beet.TV in this video interview recorded at the DMEXCO conference.

“I’m really excited about that future, but we’re at the top of the sixth inning. There’s still a long ways to go.”

SpotXchange recently sold a stake to German TV group RTL as part of a plan to grow its European business. “The relationship will have a lot of immediate gain, there’s a lot we can do,” Merwin adds. “The team is staying in Denver. We have the same engineering products backbone. We remain autonomous in terms of day-to-day ops.”

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