Moving TV dollars to online remains a challenge says Vik Kathuria, Global Chief Media Officer at Razorfish in an interview with Beet.TV. “It’s very hard to find an apples to apples comparison in terms of TV money and where to move it. If you are a TV buyer, you want to scale. To effectively move some of the money from one channel to another, you need scale,” he says.

Addressable TV advertising is gaining some traction, but it’s still small. For it to grow, multichannel video providers will need to provide both more inventory and set-top box data, and with that more progress will be made, he predicts. “We see it moving in that direction. We want to move away from the interruptive advertising model,” he says.

Looking ahead, Kathuria expects “big data” to continue to be vital for marketers, but the new focus will be on making data actionable. “How does one come up with a coherent story from the data so a consumer is connected across all devices? ” he asks.

Kathuria joined Razorfish earlier this year. We spoke with Kathuria for “The Road to DMEXCO,” a series of interviews with industry leaders produced in New York, London and San Francisco. It is sponsored by the automatic content recognition (ACR) technology provider Civolution.

Please find more videos from the series here. Beet.TV is a media sponsor of DMEXCO and will be covering the conference extensively.

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