Today, the 15- or 30-second pre-roll ad is the primary mechanism for monetizing online video through advertising. But could it actually be having the opposite of marketers’ desired effect?

According to Ebuzzing and Teads North America MD Jim Daily: “The user sitting there, forced to sit through  a 30-second preroll is sitting there saying, ‘I hate this brand – I have to watch this video, this isn’t a good experience for me. There’s a chance it will actually have negative connotations.”

Teads, which recently merged with Ebuzzing, inserts video ad units between article text paragraphs that auto-play if they are in-view during scrolling by readers.

Daily, in this video, says a campaign for one electronics manufacturer recently yielded an impressive four to six percent click-through rate – higher than the pre-roll norm because, by virtue of auto-playing, more engaged users are clicking through. “If somebody decided to watch the ad, they’re probably more likely to click it,” he says.

Daily was interviewed by Collective Media SVP Paul Kontonis at the Beet.TV video advertising summit on “outstream” advertising, presented by Ebuzzing & Teads. Please find more videos from that event here.