Yahoo has bought itself a role in the advertising ecosystem that comes after the desktop web by acquiring mobile analytics firm Flurry last week. That’s the assessment of one cross-platform video ad tech vendor CEO.

“A media company that was based on the web is now struggling getting in to the mobile space,” Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut tells Beet.TV.

“Mobile apps are where most of the traffic is taking place. To get integrated is much more difficult that  building another web network. The differentiation is everything. They’re buying that access.”

Acquiring Flurry, reportedly for more than $200m, gives Yahoo access to troves of information on how consumers use mobile apps – useful to Flurry’s 170,000 developers as well as to Yahoo itself.

We spoke with Reichgut earlier this week at the Beet.TV branded video summit where he spoke. You can find more clips from the taping here. Disclaimer:   Jun Group was the sponsor of the summit.