Echostar-owned Sling Media introduced a new box to deliver pay TV channels to other devices. The “Slingbox M1” and “SlingTVTM” are designed to be mobile friendly and are slated to retail for $149.99.  Here is the company press release.

In the last year, Sling Media has been focusing on developing and tweaking apps for its device as well as new features for its apps, the company’s spokesperson Brian Jaquet explained in an interview with Beet.TV. The service “slings” 2.3 billion miles of content each week as it delivers programming to consumers remotely, he told us.

The new box integrates with existing entertainment systems and should let users access any of their TV programming and recorded content on a personal computer, tablet or phone. Sling said its users can set up the new box with a mobile device using the Slingplayer app on either an iPhone, iPad or Android phone. In addition, users can watch on a second TV anywhere using Apple TV and Roku. Sling Media also introduced a Windows app earlier this year.

We spoke with Jaquet  at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and we are republishing the video today.

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