Content discovery and marketing platform Taboola is entering the Japanese market on its international roll-out, through a partnership with the Yahoo Japan search portal.

The partnership is two-pronged, CEO Adam Singolda tells Beet.TV – embedding related links from Taboola‘s marketplace at the bottom of Yahoo Japan articles, and the provision of a Taboola service by Yahoo Japan on a white label basis.

“Yahoo Japan will offer (customers) a new service side-by-side display called ‘discovery’,” Singolda says. “Other publishers could also have, at the bottom of an article page, related content from their own site as well as paid content from around the web and tap in to native advertising budgets in Japan.”

For Taboola, it is the first such platform deal. “We see huge opportunity outside of the US,” Singolda adds. “As we started to think about Asia-Pacific, it was clear to us the only way to make something like that substantially in a market like Japan would be to partner with a strong local media company.”

Yahoo Japan’s move comes after another search giant, Google, was reported to be launching a content discovery platform to compete with Taboola  and others.