Unscrupulous publishers are causing advertisers sleepless nights by automatically playing video ads despite being out of human view, “below the fold” of web browser windows. So could mobile provide safe sanctuary?

“The nice thing about the walled garden of iOS, and sometimes android as well, is that you cannot really run things ‘below the fold’,” says Tal Chalozin, CTO of video ad tech company Innovid. “Most video that runs on iOS is front-and-center and that’s the only thing that’s viewable. If it is running on full-screen, everything is taken care of.”

TubeMogul, Brightroll, Innovid, LiveRail and SpotXchange have teamed up to open-source code for measuring true video ad “viewability” to the recently-defined IAB/MRC standard under the OpenVV consortium.

Today, Chalozin says “about 19% of ad impressions deliverable are non-desktop impressions”.

We spoke with him at the Beet.TV Video Ad Fraud Leadership Summit where he was panelist.