LOS ANGELES — You can’t move these days for ad tech vendors espousing the virtues of data-based targeting. Amongst that pack is Rovi, which launched its Audience Management Solution suite this January.

“The entertainment industry has been slow to embrace big data and analytics,” says Rovi’s analytics product and technology VP Matthew Emans. He says Rovi’s product can take data from set-top boxes, panel measurements and any source, making it “the first platform that can use this data at scale”.

So what can big data do for TV advertisers? “We can look at smaller target segments – people who might be interested in buying a truck, buying a particular type of healthy product,” Emans adds. And broadcasters are being targeted, too: “We help programmers design better schedules, we can help analyze viewership for cable operators and how they design their line-ups.”

He spoke with Beet.TV at The Cable Show 2014. Disclaimer:  This video was produced as part of sponsorship with Rovi.