TV Voice Search is in the ‘Alta Vista” Era: Rovi’s Gill

LOS ANGELES — Nowadays, some TVs let viewers search for internet video content with their voice. But the experience can be underwhelming once users realize the vocal hoops they must jump through to meet their device’s exacting speech standards. “We think of the analogy as almost like (the search engine) Alta Vista back in the […]


Rovi Upgrades Legacy Devices With Digital Guides

LOS ANGELES — Online video technology vendor Rovi recently signed a deal to bring internet-connected on-screen program guides to non-connected TVs. The deal will see internet TV box makers Entone and Evolution Digital take on Rovi’s connected guies in their intermediary connected TV boxes, which enable TVs with connected features. “You’ve got a legacy infrastructure […]


Conversational Search Will Transform TV: Rovi’s New COO

LOS ANGELES — Could talking to your TV, not your viewing partner, be the next big thing? Rovi’s new chief operating officer thinks so. “Conversational search really will be one of the tools that will transform the TV experience where the user has the ability to converse with their navigation solutions to provide a more […]


Rovi’s DTA Guide Gives Cable Customers A Taste Of Digital

LOS ANGELES — Subscribers to smaller US cable TV services may now get some of the basic interactive features of modern digital TV platforms, after TV tech firm Rovi signed a deal with the NCTC, a cooperative of nearly 1,000 cable operators. The deal sees Rovi’s DTA Guide, an electronic program guide software, get added […]


Rovi Wants Advertisers To Slice Audiences In To Small Segments

LOS ANGELES — You can’t move these days for ad tech vendors espousing the virtues of data-based targeting. Amongst that pack is Rovi, which launched its Audience Management Solution suite this January. “The entertainment industry has been slow to embrace big data and analytics,” says Rovi’s analytics product and technology VP Matthew Emans. He says […]