LONDON — In advertising, video may have grown up as a display medium for brand advertisers – but it could be a direct response mechanism, says the EMEA CEO for digital agency POSSIBLE, a WPP unit.

“Some of the great stuff being done today either talks about the human condition … and the other thing is humor … and then there’s product demo,” Darin Brown tells Beet.TV. “We’re going to go to Cannes – that’s not the stuff we really talk a lot about (in the industry).”

Brown lauds the potential of product demo videos, helping inform customers making product purchase decisions, then clicking on to retail sites to buy those products.

“Brand advertisers that were disintermediated (by online) … those guys have started to come online (but) have just applied TV advertising to the web – that’s a good start but there’s so much more to do with it.”

We spoke with him as part of our series titled “The Road to Cannes,” a preview of the Festival and an overview on the state and future of digital media by a range of thought leaders. The series will be published over the next four weeks.  The series is sponsored by Videology.