Long-form, snackable, downloads and live – online video sure has many different modes of consumption. But what are the next methods on the horizon as technology changes?

“There are a lot of ‘next’s,” says video tech firm Brightcove‘s senior director for media solutions, Mike Green. “I see a lot of incremental improvements on a service like download-to-go, where content may have been video-on-demand only but now maybe there’s a way it can be viewed offline.

“There are use cases we call simulated live where people are choosing to clip together lots of clips in to one long stream to make it seem like it’s a TV-esque experience.

“Those are new use cases that people are experimenting with that we think are going to be good consumption experiences for consumers.”

Green was speaking with Beet.TV at his company’s own Brightcove PLAY customer event in New York.