FreeWheel Report: OTT, Set-Top Box VOD Viewing Eclipses Desktop

First it was desktop, then mobile and now it’s all about the living room at premium video ad management solutions provider FreeWheel. That’s because “This is truly premium viewing experiences,” says SVP of Client Services Mike Lawlor. “It’s lean back, it’s dynamic, it’s highly engaged viewers on 60-inch television screens.” Moreover, it’s “fraud-free, it’s 100% […]


Chinese VOD Getting Combined Theater, Online Movie Window: iQiyi’s Yansong

BERLIN — In an industry long dominated by Youku and Tudou, Baidu-backed iQiyi has risen to become the most popular VOD service in China. Speaking with Beet.TV at this week’s Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival), iQiyi Motion Pictures president Li Yansong said this is despite three problems that have previously inhibited the market in China: Piracy: “In the […]


VOD Ad Prices Frustrate Some UK Buyers: Magna Global’s Oliver

LONDON — Online video often puts off some UK advertisers because the slots are more expensive than those on conventional broadcast TV, according to one agency head. “Linear TV, in terms of its price, has been fairly stable for a decade or so in the UK and is seen as pretty good value,” Magna Global UK […]


VOD Could Shepherd More Programmatic Buying in TV, Ashley Swartz

Video-on-demand inventory is the next logical entry point for programmatic style advertising into linear TV, says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds, in an interview with Beet.TV. “VOD is the first inventory that will come online for dynamic ad insertion,” she says. “The inventory is a bit more controlled, it’s not beholden to a […]


Next In Video: “Simulated Live,” Says Brightcove’s Green

Long-form, snackable, downloads and live – online video sure has many different modes of consumption. But what are the next methods on the horizon as technology changes? “There are a lot of ‘next’s,” says video tech firm Brightcove‘s senior director for media solutions, Mike Green. “I see a lot of incremental improvements on a service like […]


CNNx Frees Viewers From Broadcast’s Grip: CNN’s Persaud

LOS ANGELES — CNN is seeking advertisers to buy slots in its recently-announced next-generation news platform, CNNx. The news broadcaster announced the product in April, including live-updating contextual information around real-time shows and scroll-back access to previously-aired stories. “You’re no longer at the mercy of the broadcast,” says Rajin Persaud, VP of next-gen business at the […]


BBC Set to Go All Digital with Youth Network “BBC Three,” Ralph Rivera Explains

LONDON — The BBC’s proposal to close its linear youth TV channel BBC Three in the UK but to go on publishing its shows online under the same brand will have little impact for a service already heavily consumed online, says the corporation’s future media director. “The BBC is the first broadcaster to go online-only […]