Having a real relationship with Google is key to making advertisers satisfied enough to buy more space in video, says an exec from Publicis’ MediaVest.

MediaVest and Google last fall announced a deal in which the media agency will commit to buying a set amount of ad space across Google properties including YouTube.

For Trivedi, the deal is about influencing Google’s roadmap to soothing advertisers’ concerns about YouTube. “There is still some hesitance from the advertisers to be on that platform.

“Building a relationship where we can understand their product, what are some of the things they can put in place to make our clients more comfortable – all that comes with a relationship. They got a long checklist from us earlier this year. If you have that relationship … those come higher up in the priority list.”

Trivedi was interviewed by TouchCast co-founder Erick Schonfeld for Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.