Back in the summer, Eyeview took on $8.1 million in third-round funding to build out its personalized video ad business. Now the firm is upping its staff count and opening sales offices across the US, says CEO Oren Harnevo.

The New York-based company’s technology lets advertisers customize text and graphic assets in the same video ads seen by different users, based on unique targeting characteristics – like this one for Land Rover.

“Telling a different brand story to different types of audiences works,” Harnevo tells Beet.TV. “Saying something different to a different user really resonates.”

“What (advertisers) have been doing in search and display for many years, in video, is a big deal.”

Next up for 2014, Harnevo plans to leverage Facebook data to target those ads.

We spoke with him at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.