LAS VEGAS — Mobile gaming is expanding into fitness, casual health, to-do apps and other areas of gaming that are ripe for brand integration, says Brian Wong, Founder and CEO of Kiip, a mobile gaming service, in an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. “It’s reflective of people living their lives. You are using your phone in moments of need, you’re not just playing games,” he says.

Kiip works with marketers to “reward” mobile consumers with goods or services from brands they love when they level up in a game or finish a run, for instance, Wong explains. Brands have used Kiip to integrate into mobile games and now starting to use it as consumers expand mobile usage from games to utility apps. “We are in fitness apps, we are in education apps. We are helping people become healthier and learn faster. Those are very real outcomes that a brand can be a part of,” he says.

For more insight into connecting with mobile users and how brands are leveraging these habits, check out this video interview.

The segment was taped at the Mindshare “Client Huddle” at CES. Mindshare’s Chief Strategy Office Jordan Bitterman conducted the interview.